Activity center

The Leander Activity Center is now open to the public, offering new and expanded parks and recreation programs

The Leander Activity Center, featuring new programs, activities and events, is now open to the public. (Photo courtesy of City of Leander)

On April 9, the City of Leander held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new 14,400 square foot Activity Center which will offer a variety of recreational activities and programs as well as community events for all ages.

“A lot of cities say, ‘We want a recreation center,’ and they go out and build it,” Mayor Christine DeLisle said at the event. “[The parks and recreation staff] found the opportunity and found a space and did it [their] clean, and it’s an incredible innovation.

The Leander Activity Center is located at 11880 Hero Way West, Leander, the former meeting place of Hill Country Bible Church Leander. There is a three year lease on the building with the possibility of adding two more years. The city is still planning and developing city-owned recreation and seniors facilities, which was approved by voters in the 2016 bond election.

Programming will consist of senior adult activities until the summer youth programs begin on June 6, according to the press release. City staff run a teen focus group to receive feedback on teen programs and events. The first meeting will take place on April 26 from 5 to 7 p.m., and the city encourages teens ages 12 to 17 who want to share their ideas to attend.

City parks and recreational programming are located