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Project to replace the bleachers of the sports and activities center approved | Local News I Racine County Eye

SOMERS, Wisconsin – The UW-Parkside Sports and Activities Center Bleacher Replacement Project was approved last week by the UW Board of Regents and the State Building Commission as one of four requests to all agencies. The De Simone Gymnasium Enhancement is an exciting project within the framework of Ranger Vision 2020, an installation and fundraising campaign launched by Parkside Athletics in March 2020.

“Improving De Simone Gymnasium is an exciting and transformational project that will benefit Parkside Athletics, our institution and our community,” said Andrew Gavin, Director of Athletics. “De Simone will provide a recruiting asset for our coaches, an incredible home for our student-athletes and a first-class atmosphere for fans and visitors to our varsity competitions and events. “

This project, which is expected to be completed in the summer of 2021, is important for UW-Parkside’s capital renewal, as it facilitates the replacement of the original telescopic and motorized wooden bleachers with new code-compliant units, and renovates adjacent space to create replacement seating and lounges to make up for lost seating capacity through required bleacher code upgrades.

De Simone Gymnasium Enhancement has been significantly supported by partnerships forged with HARIBO and Educators Credit Union. In October 2019, UW-Parkside announced a global partnership with HARIBO, which included the establishment of HARIBO Court at De Simone Gymnasium. In July 2020, Parkside and ECU entered into a multi-year agreement as part of Ranger Vision 2020, a partnership that will create the Educators Credit Union suite.

The current bleachers do not improve the event and match experience for spectators in the gymnasium, as they lack a seat back, have a narrow seat profile, and lack simple amenities such as racks. cups. “The atmosphere that will be created in the De Simone gymnasium with the completion of Ranger Vision 2020 will be amazing, ”said men’s basketball head coach Luke Reigel. “De Simone has always provided an on-court advantage to Parkside Basketball, and that will continue for years to come! “

Currently, De Simone’s bleachers are hurting the recruiting profile for sports using the gymnasium, as local high school gymnasiums have more modern seating than those available at UW-Parkside. “Our volleyball student-athletes will love training and competing in the improved De Simone gymnasium,” said volleyball head coach Leigh Barea. “In addition to providing a high level atmosphere for the matches, De Simone will become a crown jewel for the recruitment of future Rangers. “

The gymnasium not only hosts regular sporting events, but also hosts biannual launch ceremonies for UW-Parkside and Gateway Technical College. Project work includes the removal and off-campus disposal of the existing wooden bleachers as well as the furnishing and installation of two new electric platform seating systems with seat backs to accommodate a reduced capacity of 1 676 places. The new seating systems will include new controls, automatic storage guardrails, side curtains, with the possibility of accommodating a multimedia platform.

Parkside Athletics continues to generate financial support through Ranger Vision 2020 to help with further upgrades and upgrades to the De Simone Gymnasium; and to create two more processing facilities, the Mark Olsen Indoor Golf Center and the Multipurpose Indoor Turf Center.

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