Activity center

Poplar Bluff Junior High will replace a decades-old activity center

Since the 1930s, the Poplar Bluff Junior High Activity Center has dutifully served the district. It hosted the program’s hands-on classes, in-store classes, and group practice. However, the current facility will soon be demolished and the space will house the newly renovated Activity Center.

During the demolition, spaces for these courses and activities will be made available to those involved. Poplar Bluff Junior High principal Candace Warren has reallocated space in the main building so classes can continue uninterrupted for students.

Poplar Bluff Superintendent Scott Dill said the original activity center has outlived its usefulness, but they are happy to prepare for the next half-century. He also says the new facility will accommodate even more.

“We are going to build a structure that will have these classrooms from the Lead The Way project; It will have a music room; it will have a multipurpose room that will be used for wrestling, all kinds of activities; Some storage; and a weight room, we are moving the weight room”

Tendering for the project is currently underway and after selecting a construction manager, this person will help secure demolition bids and move the project forward to completion. Although no estimated end date is currently set, Dill believes that at the latest, demolition and construction will be complete by the end of the 2022-2023 school year.