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Page withdraws from Andalusia Adult Activity Center after 22 years – The Andalusia Star-News

Myra Page, assistant director of nutrition at the Adult Activity Center of Andalucia, has set goals for her job and feels accomplished after a 22-year career of caring for the public with meals.

His colleagues held a reception in his honor, and city officials recognized Page with a proclamation on Tuesday, March 29. His last day at the center was Wednesday, March 30.

Andalucia Mayor Earl Johnson shared a proclamation acknowledging her dedication and service to the city and those she served during her 22 years at the center.

“I will miss my people, my elders because they were my life. These last 22 years have passed so quickly, and now it’s time for me to start a new adventure. Although I will miss the daily setup, getting to know each of my elders has been my greatest joy. It was my goal to see everyone love each other. It’s been a rewarding career and it’s made us one big family,” Page said.

When she started in 2000, she said they were in the old American Legion building. They moved to the current building in 2003, where she worked until her last day.

“It was blood, sweat and tears to have a number one center in our region. With all the help of everyone else, we made it. I really enjoyed working with seniors and seeing them laugh, play games and just the little things we’ve done for them over the years. It was a blessing to see them having a good time at the center, where they were good company and enjoying life. It was the joy of work for me.

Page was responsible for all meals through the adult activity center’s nutrition department. “People having meals, picking up takeout meals, I had to maintain our numbers. I also had to make sure that meals inside were at the right temperature and distributed to our seniors every day.

She had many people to thank for her 22-year support.

“I want to thank Dwight Mikel for hiring me and trusting me to do the job. Thank you to my first supervisor Diane Jones and current manager Sonja Godwin for your help. Mayor Earl Johnson and the City, thank you for your support. I certainly appreciate our meal drivers, who were one of the most important parts of our meal system. You all saw that each person received their meal, and sometimes I was there with them. I did the roads for a while before I found someone permanent. It’s a dedicated job, and if you don’t like old people, you can’t like this job. .

One of Page’s goals was to have a nice relaxation space for the elderly behind the center. “Thank you Andy Wiggins for allowing me to have our love garden after our first move here. It was a dream of mine from day one and it has come true. Although it’s not over yet , seniors can go sit outside and enjoy nature. Jared Boutwell has been great in helping us keep track of our love garden and working on it for us. Thank you to everyone who helped make it a beautiful place for our elders.

Asked about retirement plans, she kept it simple. “I’ll take it one day at a time. My husband and I purchased a travel traveler and are hoping to go camping.”

Myra Page celebrated her last day of work with her family members at a reception held at the Adult Activity Center celebrating her retirement.

Page knew the time was right to retire and said so much has changed since his debut. “All the rules and regulations have changed, our meals have changed and every day something new comes up. We have changed cuisines, but our food vendor was fun to work with. We helped them when we could and worked around all the changes. Whatever happened to us, we processed it and dealt with it.”

She is married to her husband Grady Page for 59 years with a son, Ricky (Tammy) Page and a grandson, Cameron Page. She also has a Cocker Spaniel named Charlie Brown that she adores.

“Thank you all for your love and support and the precious memories. Please continue to support the center and staff as they continue to grow. I encourage you to come to a place where older people can meet and care. have fun,” she said.

Myra Page said she was blessed to have worked at the Adult Activity Center for 22 years and appreciated the recognition she received at her retirement reception on Tuesday March 29.

The Andalucia Adult Activity Center is located at 401 Walker Avenue in downtown Andalucia near the ballet. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call the office at 334-222-6891.

“It’s not easy to lose a great employee, even if the reason is a well-deserved retirement. Myra was always on time and was usually the first to arrive and very reliable. You can tell she grew up old school, and while we will fill her position, she will leave a void in her work family that will be hard to fill. She promised to come back and visit often. I truly appreciate his years of dedication to seniors and his work. Years ago, when I was still working at Johnson Park, she came over with a small, fully decorated 10-inch Christmas tree and gave it to me. Now it’s the first decoration I put up every year. What was so special was that she thought of me, and that was something I didn’t expect. If you know Myra, you probably benefited from her thoughtfulness. His smile, kindness and thoughtfulness will be missed most by our seniors and staff, but his talent will be missed as well. It was an honor to work alongside him,” said Sonja Godwin, Program Coordinator for the Adult Activity Center.