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New Shelby Activity Center Welcomes Public with Grand Opening


Shelby Township Parks and Recreation Director Joe Youngblood talks about the township’s new activity center at the building’s official opening on September 27.

Photo of Erin Sanchez

    The new activity center includes a games room.

The new activity center includes a games room.

Photo of Erin Sanchez


TOWNSHIP OF SHELBY – The Township of Shelby hosted a big opening celebration for its new business and senior center on September 28.

The grand opening was from noon to 3 p.m. at the center, which was once the Boys & Girls Club at 14975 21 Mile Road. A grand opening with township officials also took place on September 27 with the Sterling Heights Regional Chamber of Commerce.

During the September 28 event, the community was able to tour the activity center while enjoying music, food trucks, bouncy houses, crafts, games and more.

“The activity center will be a community space for seniors, families, friends and neighbors,” said Shelby Township Supervisor Rick Stathakis. “It provides a space to bring together and strengthen the community bonds that make Shelby Township unique. “

The Shelby Township Board of Directors approved the purchase of the former Boys & Girls Club, which was built in 1995, at a meeting on October 16, 2018.

Council approved a purchase price of $ 2,250,000 for the property and a budget of $ 1.5 million for renovations and improvements. In total, according to the Township of Shelby, the installation represents an investment of $ 3.75 million that could have cost as much as $ 6.25 million if it were new construction.

The Seniors and Activities Center building is 25,000 square feet and spans 8.04 acres. It will house the offices and staff of the Parks, Recreation and Maintenance Department, as well as the Township Seniors Center from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The former retirement center on Van Dyke Avenue measured 11,404 square feet.

Paul Massaro, Shelby Township, attended the opening and shared his thoughts on the new center.

“I think the new activity center is great because I live at 21 and Schoenherr, and we love that we have a track (indoors) in the winter. … Looks like they have a lot to do. We think it’s fantastic for the elderly, ”he said.

Massaro mentioned that there is a lot of open land around the property for future use.

“There is a ton of land there in case it needs to expand, unlike the other place,” he said. “You can even rent the rooms in case you have something to do.”

He commented that the building was packed at the opening.

“It was really cool to see this kind of participation,” said Massaro.

The activity center has a 7,500 square foot gymnasium that will provide space for physical activity and events.

“With a 7,500 square foot full-size gym, over 8 acres of athletic fields and fields, and features like a computer lab and lounge with wireless internet, this building will be the center of our township for many years. many years. “Stathakis said.

The gym can also be rented for use.

During the week, senior center staff worked on a comprehensive list of recreation programs for the gymnasium.

“This building gives us so many more opportunities to serve residents and seniors,” said Joe Youngblood, Director of Parks, Recreation and Maintenance. “We have a lot of new programs and events, and we’re only scratching the surface of what we can do. It is an exciting time for the community.

The activity center will have an indoor walking area, a dedicated computer lab and more options for fitness and active recreation.

Margaret Harwood of Shelby Township attended the event with her husband and children. She said they look forward to using the programs.

“We are very excited about the activity center. We have a young family and look forward to spending time here, ”she said.

The activity center will also be the site for many of the township’s recreational, educational, cultural and entertainment events and programs that have taken place elsewhere.

The activity center will regularly host parks and recreational activities such as crafts, fitness classes and dancing, as well as walk-in basketball, volleyball and pickleball activities. .

“This is a wise and financially prudent plan,” said Lynn Wilhelm, administrator for the Township of Shelby. “This gives our community an asset that will pave the way for the tremendous growth of our senior center and recreation facilities. We now have a great recreation facility paid for in cash, no debt, no bond and no tax increase.

Fazal Kahn & Associates was the engineering firm that worked with the township on the project.

For more information on the new activity center, call (586) 731-0300 or email [email protected]