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Moore County Senior Activity Center Makes Improvements | Jack Daniels short stories

The community and Jack Daniel’s have worked to help the Senior Center grow

Jack’s “Barrel Man” Kevin Sanders spearheaded the idea for a raised garden bed at the Senior Activity Center.

Under new management, there have been many new offerings at the Moore County Senior Activity Center over the past few months. With the help of a group of volunteers from Jack Daniel’s, the dining hall received a fresh coat of paint and the old dilapidated shuffleboard shelters and old shed were dismantled. As volunteers painted and cleaned the dilapidated structures, Jack’s “Barrel Man” Kevin Sanders stopped by to see the progress. After seeing the shuffleboard area out front in disuse by center manager Kellie Sandefur, Sanders came up with the idea of ​​putting a raised garden bed over it, which was already ideally level for a garden due to its previous use. The plan was set: build a raised garden bed using a French drain system with gravel to aid drainage and fill it with soil made up of compost, manure and materials left over from burning barrels of whiskey. “Kevin does nothing by halves. It’s something that will be there for years and years to come. The members are already thinking about what they will plant next spring. It’s a wonderful gift!” said Sandefur.

This past Tuesday, with the help of “Barrel Man” Kevin Sanders, his son Matt Sanders and his nephew Paul Sanders, volunteers John Buccanfuso and Carl Marciniak, and the crew with Miguel at Landscaping Roses Levya summoned with a plan in mind. The area has been reinforced and transformed into a great gardening area for Moore County residents over the age of 50. “I couldn’t recommend Miguel and his team more, they were awesome and HARD WORKING!” Sandefur shared.

The Center welcomed a variety of new classes and groups in addition to their usual range of yoga, chair exercises and tower and pool games. An art class series called ART ATTACK is led by Brig Brown, a grief support group just held its first meeting on Monday, and the Adventure Club went on a field trip to northwest Alabama. Ideas are welcome if you think there is something that could be a good addition to their calendar! Contact the Seniors Activity Center at (931) 759-7317.

This weekend, the Center organized a Braderie. Through an outpouring of community support through donations and purchases, approximately $1,000 was raised to help equip the senior activity center with updated furnishings. “We received a ton of donations! I would like to thank those who gave of their time and donated their property to make the sale a success. said Sandefur.