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Mackinac Island Grand Hotel Opens New Woodlands Activity Center

MACKINAC ISLAND, MI – Guests and Visitors of Mackinac Island Grand Hotel just got a lot more choice when it comes to playing away. The brand new Woodland Activity Center attracts guests to a renovated part of the grounds opposite the famous resort. Here people will find a new 18-hole miniature golf course called The Gem, bike rentals, and recreation grounds ready for games of pickleball, bocce, and shuffleboard. Nearby, they’ll find the hotel’s secret garden, the recently remodeled Esther Williams pool, and plenty of places to relax in the shade.

Still to come is a cycle path, which should be ready next season, and a large greenhouse where the island’s fauna and flora can be seen up close.

The new additions are designed to give people lots of new spaces to gather and have fun together.

“This year at the Grand Hotel, we are thrilled to celebrate a ‘Season of Discovery’, and there really is no better place to do it than at our brand new Woodlands Activity Centre,” said David Jurcak. , president of operations of Grand Hotel. “The facility is designed to spark adventure and exploration for everyone, whether hotel guests, visitors or the Mackinac Island community. We hope that everyone who spends time at Woodlands Activity Center enjoys a fun new way to experience our historic property and this beautiful island.

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Once completed, the greenhouse/nature center will offer the expertise of an on-site naturalist. Activities and guided tours are available.

Miniature golf is one of the options at the resort’s new Woodlands Activity Center. Photo provided by the Grand Hotel.

The new space was designed to complement the best of the island’s large state park and interior features while providing opportunities for people to have new experiences at the resort, Jurcak said.

“The state park is fantastic,” Jurcak told MLive earlier this year. “There is so much to see. What we hope is that the activity center will give you a taste of it. We hope this will stimulate further exploration of this incredible island.

This area follows the debut last year of new shops on the ground floor inside the Grand Hotel and a complete renovation of its pool area, which now also includes cabanas and a redone pool house.

Mackinac Island Grand Hotel

Pickleball anyone? The new Grand Hotel recreational grounds are designed for multi-generational use. Photo provided by the Grand Hotel.

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Mackinac Island Grand Hotel

A bocce court is ready for players at the new Woodlands Activity Center. Photo provided by the Grand Hotel.