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Laramie County Seniors Activity Center to Install Advanced Registration System | News


The automated system will improve the recording, planning and reporting capabilities of centers

An exciting change is coming to the Laramie County Seniors Activity Center, starting in February 2022. The center will launch a new automated check-in system that all visitors and volunteers will use upon entering the building. The system is called MySeniorCenter.

Designed specifically for senior centers, the system is key fob-based, meaning visitors can simply swipe their key fob over a digital scanner to check in. An easy-to-navigate touchscreen will also allow them to quickly register for the activities of their choice.

Three major advantages

According to Erin LeBlanc, manager of the Laramie County Senior Activity Center, this advanced feature will improve the centre’s performance in three key areas: registration, scheduling and reporting.

“For starters, it’s a much more effective accountability tool,” said LeBlanc. “We currently have several hundred people coming in and out of our door every month, and they all need to be registered for every activity / event they attend. Right now our registration process uses paper and pencils, but soon we will be able to follow it by computer. “

The automated registration system will also provide the center with detailed demographic information about the people using its services. This will help the center to plan and report on activities. The emphasis is on planning, when they start the movement towards the newly built old age center in the next 2-3 years.

“By telling us the age, background and even the economic situation of our visitors, MySeniorCenter will help us schedule and fund activities that are more in line with their preferences,” explained the director. “It’s about better serving our people. “

Other organizations using a similar keychain and touchscreen system include the YMCA and other senior centers across the state.