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Herman Prior Business Center prepares for potential delay in craft sales –

Unpredictable weather continues to be a problem for all of us here in Manitoba this spring, especially at the Herman Prior Activity Centre.

The Herman Prior was scheduled to hold a craft sale this Saturday, April 23, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but Colorado’s weak trajectory to hit the province threw everything upside down.

Kathy Bryce, the center’s executive director, talks about what she thinks is heading into this weekend’s event.

“Until the last weather forecast, I was feeling pretty good because we had all the tables filled for Saturday for the craft sale. We finished all of our pastries, ready for the table baked. But then I hear the weather forecast, and they’re talking about another low in Colorado. So that could really put a damper on our plans for Saturday.”

Bryce says if they have to postpone the craft sale, they will combine it with the flea market the following Saturday, April 30.

“We started separating them last fall. We did the craft sale one weekend and the flea market another weekend, and all the vendors seem to like it. But if we have to postpone that, I’ll see if the sellers can move up to 30. So that’s my tentative plan right now anyway.”

Bryce describes what it will be like if things go well and they can organize the event in time.

“We’re going to have a canteen with chilli and fresh cookies for sale. We’ll have our usual door prize and a 50/50 draw, and then we’ll have, as I said, our bakery table. We’ve got a lots of pastries we’ve made here, and we should be getting some from the members soon.”

Bryce adds that there are over 22 tables being sold out right now for the event and any additional funding the center gets from the event will go into the new back offices they are building.

It must feel like a bit of deja vu for the Herman Prior Activity Center as last week they had to postpone their Easter dinner due to this evil white precipitation, better known as snow.