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Get ready for friendship 2020 with set times and schedule of activities


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Are you ready to kick off 2020 with an epic edition of AMFAMFAMF’s FRIENDSHIP? Schedules and activities have been unveiled!

Dance music lovers from all over will descend on Florida next month to enjoy mellow beats and beach vibes like FRIENDSHIP OF AMFAMFAMF sets sail for its latest edition. As the hype for the cruise continues to grow, participants can begin to plan who they will catch and what activities they will participate in on board.

The music starts with the Navigator of the Sea Orchestra and from there the party will really start when everyone gets on the ship. The first day the sun goes down and the ship sets sail, TroyBoi will be playing on the main deck. From 10 p.m., meet at the Star Lounge for the Country Club Disco with Golf clapper, Snake cut, Madame X, Mastery, Astronomer, Devon James B2B Charles Meyer.

Day two of FRIENDSHIP should bring some serious heat to the stage with artists like CharlesTheFirst, Huxley Anne, and Jesus space playing. If you were looking for a laugh, don’t sleep on performances by comedians like Sean patton and Ali Macofsky.

The ship docks at CoCo Cay on day three, where you can dance to the sound of artists like Noizu, a b2b located between Chris Lorenzo and Destructo, or even a Reggae set from The Green Lantern and Apache Indian. The private island party also continues on the fourth day and it all starts with the special sunrise sermon hosted by Destructo at 6 o’clock. From there, the party will continue into the late morning as the ship returns home with Nina Las Vegas play the closing night on board.

During the cruise, those on board can participate in some activities such as pineapple scavenger hunt, yoga, quick dating, etc. In addition, the new boat has been equipped with everything from Laser Tag and an escape room to climbing and a Flowrider for even more fun. There will also be special activities when the ship docks at CoCo Cay, including “Butt Stuff”, Onesie Yoga, a Limbo Beach Party and “Knotty” with Steph.

Looking to make that last minute shipment? Cabins are available by December 30 and the ship is 90% sold out. For more details, visit their website!

AMFAMFAMF presents the timetables set for AMITIÉ 2020:

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