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Fontana Pharmacy celebrates 50 years with a one-year activity program | New


As Fontana Pharmacy nears its 50th anniversary in November, it has tons of activities planned for the year.

This month, Fontana will focus on a number of activities around health and fitness as well as the launch of Fontana 50th Face Off.

“Fontana seeks not only to serve its customers, but also to engage our employees who we see as one of our greatest assets,” the drugstore chain said in a statement.

“One of our most exciting activations going on right now is our 50th Fontana Face-to-Face. This is an exciting inter-store competition that will challenge all five branches in an eight-round competition to collect points and become “the head-to-head champion”. . “

The statement continued, “Our staff are enthusiastic and determined to rise to the challenge. Even though this is a competition for staff, it’s not just about staff benefits. Customers can win prizes because there is a specific spin around our loyal customers. promote teamwork and employee morale. The main objective of this campaign is to publicize the 50th anniversary of Fontana and to encompass all elements of Fontana, as well as to involve our beloved employees and customers. “

The Fontana Pharmacy has also organized a number of activities to celebrate World Health Day last Saturday and celebrates Physical Activity Week, which ends this Friday, at its five branches.


The aim is to involve customers, suppliers and surrounding communities in activities based on the theme “Fit for 50”.

All of these activities are free for customers.

“One item would be ‘Talk to the doctor’, where Fontana partners with medical students and general practitioners to offer limited medical services to clients, such as free blood pressure and blood sugar tests and blood sugar products. over-the-counter sale at reduced prices and prescriptions, ”the statement read.

“Fontana will also go to schools and do a physical education (PE) retake element, where we will participate and organize physical education classes for our five sites.”

The drugstore chain concluded in the statement: “Fontana’s overall theme for the year celebrates 50 years of caring for Jamaica in every way possible, and you’ll see that in the months to come along with our other activities. “


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