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Cavendish Farms Donates $ 25,000 to Two Rivers Activity Center Campaign

Cavendish Farms recently contributed $ 25,000 to the Two Rivers Activity Center Community Development Campaign to build the Meidinger Splash Outdoor Park.

Splash Park features a public bath, three elevated water activity stations with four slides, several fountains, and splash areas. The contribution from Cavendish Farms has been directed to a shade shelter which provides a place for groups to congregate out of the sun while enjoying Splash Park.

“Cavendish Farms is committed to the communities where our employees live and work,” said Mark Urquhart, director of Western Agriculture and Raw Material Supply for Cavendish Farms. “Meidinger Splash Park is a great place for families and groups to spend quality time outdoors. We are proud to be able to support this important project and to encourage other organizations to contribute to help Jamestown Parks and Recreation and Two Rivers Activity Center achieve their campaign goal.

Meidinger Splash Park opened on June 5, 2021 on TRAC grounds, which is owned and operated by the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department. The global campaign has a goal of $ 3 million.

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“Jamestown Parks and Recreation and Two Rivers Activity Center are grateful to organizations like Cavendish Farms who prioritize the support needs in the communities in which they operate,” said Amy Walters, TRAC Facilities Manager. “With every donation we receive, we get much closer to our goal. We thank Cavendish Farms for making a difference in our community.