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Bridwell Activity Center and Cannedy Greek Commons Open – The Wichitan

On Friday, October 28, 2022, the Bridwell Activity Center had its grand opening and grand opening as part of Midwestern State University’s Homecoming events. Named after the JS Bridwell Foundation, the Bridwell Activity Center serves as a new addition to the Clark Student Center as another vibrant space for student life. JuliAnn Mazachek, President of MSU Texas, was present at the opening, various donors, staff, faculty, alumni, students, and members of the Wichita Falls community all on hand to celebrate what BAC means for the future of student life.

“Several years ago, when the Midwest State initiated a master planning process, it was identified early on that the institution wanted to move facilities to the outskirts of campus, which raised the question of what do with the now vacant Daniel Building. Immediately we decided we wanted it to become a new space for student living as the Clark Student Center is too small for our ever growing student population and we couldn’t add to it but most importantly we wanted a space that complimented the CSC and provided more space for students to gather and study, hold meetings, do activities, or even just have lunch. Keith Lamb, vice president of student affairs, said.

Vice President of Student Affairs Keith Lamb greets guests at the opening of the BAC on October 28. (Colin Stevenson)

The Bridwell Activity Center serves as the new on-campus student life building focused solely on promoting student engagement and general life at MSU. The new activity center houses three new meeting rooms, a cafe and tea room, lounges, a new common space for students, new offices for organizations that promote student participation, and Greek chapter rooms private and common areas. The Bridwell Activity Center is an example of MSU’s dedication to its core values ​​and its enduring promise to its students.

“It’s really the only building at MSU that was built for the sole purpose of strictly involving students. Anything you want to get involved in like SGA, Greek Life, etc. is here. The Office of Student Leadership and Engagement is here. It’s a building just to get involved with on campus, but it’s also just a building where students can come and hang out at the coffee shop or study in the new common area while fostering that idea of ​​family that Midwestern State has. University is so proud. . When you walk through the doors and see the students having lunch or studying together or using the meeting room for their various organizations, you can see community and family being encouraged. Zetta Cannedy, senior political science and global studies and SGA vice president of external affairs, said.

SGA Vice President for External Affairs Zetta Cannedy addresses the audience at the opening of the BAC on October 28.  Cannedy has his new office in the building, along with the rest of the SGA.
SGA Vice President for External Affairs Zetta Cannedy addresses the audience at the opening of the BAC on October 28. Cannedy has his new office in the building, along with the rest of the SGA. (Colin Stevenson)

Rebuilt from the old Daniel Building, Bridwell Activity Center began its first stages of renovation on September 1, 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the pandemic and other construction and facility issues, development of the building has been repeatedly delayed and postponed. Regardless of the pandemic and all other issues, phase one of the Bridwell Activity Center has been completed and the groundwork for phase two is already underway.

“The pandemic was the biggest problem we had to face during the construction of BAC as it slowed down the deliveries of certain essential items, which forced us to postpone or push back the development of BAC. We also faced other construction issues such as sewer issues, labor issues, etc. which we had to deal with, but after overcoming these issues, everything came together. fine. »Kyle Owens, associate vice president for facilities services, said. “Although the building is now open to the public, there is still work to be done. We have completed the first phase, but we still have the second phase to manage.

As part of the Bridwell Activity Center, the Cannedy Greek Commons was also opened. Named after Mac and Connie Cannedy, the Cannedy Greek Commons are halls for sororities to build and foster their sisterhood and start a family. Greek life is a big part of MSU, and the addition of Cannedy Greek Commons will help further Greek on campus.

To mark its opening, donors and MSU staff cut the ribbon at the Cannedy Greek Commons on October 28.
To mark its opening, donors and MSU staff cut the ribbon at the Cannedy Greek Commons on October 28. (Colin Stevenson)

“I hope that in the future BAC will have more room for Greek life, but I can say that BAC is a much needed step forward for the longevity and prosperity of all Greek organizations at MSU.” Mason Metcalf, a biology junior and president of the Interfraternal Council, said

Even before the Bridwell Activity Center opened, students loved the idea and the innovation behind it. Since its unofficial opening in September, it has been heavily used by the student body. From the constant morning crowds at the cafe to the overwhelming number of students studying in the common area in the afternoons, the Bridwell Activity Center truly lives up to its potential and is quickly becoming a student hotspot.

“The Bridwell Activity Center is a great representation of the power of student organizations and their influence in the Midwestern state. This building shows the tremendous strides the university has made in supporting our students and organizations. With this progress, I am very excited to see the future of the building and its impact on the student body in the future. Gabriella Pettijohn, senior economics and student body president, said.