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Donations help St. Mary’s School update activity center and lobby

WOOSTER – Thanks to donations from families and community members, St. Mary’s School has updated its activity center and lobby entrance with new floors, freshly painted walls and many more attributes in the past year. Principal Laura Marvin said the school started renovating before the pandemic hit because the school started hosting events in space. […]

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Scientists spot event of ‘extreme’ solar activity by examining tree rings

KEY POINTS SEP events can be determined by dating tree rings When these events hit the atmosphere, they create a chain reaction This reaction creates carbon-14 Researchers in a recent study found evidence of another event of extreme solar activity by examining tree rings. The sun is constantly emitting energetic particles, the Astronomical Geophysical Union […]

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Activity center open to adults with special needs | Community alert

An activity center for adults with special needs who have completed high school is now open in New Braunfels. The Camp Cummins Activity Center opened this week, offering daily activities for adults with special needs and offering help with potential employment in the community. Susie Cummins, the centre’s financial director, said she and her husband, […]